Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Return

So I could post words about the europe trip, but I think I'll just
post pictures for now about why I came back from the europe trip: HP & the HBP release!
And to happily note that I finally do
not want to shoot Michael Gambon in the head for ruining my favorite character as he appears to have finally caught on to what's up with his gig.

The wizard fandom has 3 more months to glory in the afterglow until the vampires come back in November for Reprise no. 2 of the horror and take over. Till then, a cheap shot:


Sharelle said...

a couple of things are making me grin right now:

1. that after a very long absence, you are on the top of the blog-roll again. welcome back. (am I a blog geek, you bet)

2. harry potter-twilight dialogues. so fantastic.

3. these pictures. one wonders where you can find them all. seriously.

so glad you are back friend.

Tyler said...

I have been searching for another blog that deals with deeper questions of the soul, at least since your posts have been sparse, but alas, there is none to rival your blog for depth and insight into the human condition (are vampires considered human?).